Friday, 22 January 2010

Time to update

I will begin by going back to November 2009.
Project Sign 5. to illustrate a poster from a selected title.
I chose ' Once You Pop You Can't Stop'.

I had variety of ideas to make this a fun playful image, popping popcorn, bubbles, balloons. then i thought about the actual 'can't stop' wording and thought of it as a addiction and smoking was a first thought to use as a addiction. I still wanted to use a playful imagery so my idea was to have a image of a smoker with bubbles coming out of their breath, what would have been smoke. It is meant to look 'fun' yet be thought-provoking as bubbles associate with popping and once the bubbles pop you just 'can't stop'. However if I was to do it again I would try to have more of a focus on the poster looking like a poster not just a image. The colour image is the original on a3 paper, and the black and white is a A1 photocopy which was the requirements for the brief.

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