Thursday, 23 June 2011

bits and bobs

Second task of the day was to draw sewing objects and materials for the create place flyers and website. Apologies for the unscanned photo images.

family festival poster

This week at the create place I had to make a image for the family festival event coming up. My task was to create a fun image to relate to the dance, art, music, festival activites for 0-16 ages . I was asked specifically to include a bear and a frog. I worked from imagination and enjoyed painting the image I need to try this more often as its very difficult working on the spot with no image reference but its good fun and great practise.

home grown shop

Pictures from the day 12th June. We had a very successful day, made £440! Almost broke even, we spent £500 as a group so we did well to sell so much for the day. We are hoping to make a online shop with the remainding products.