Monday, 3 December 2012

Christmas Robin

I sent a proposal to be a stallholder at IdeasTap Christmas Bazaar and it was selected as one of the ten spaces available. Hurray. Me and a group of camberwell illustration graduates will be showing and selling our work and putting on some short workshops during the event.
Come and visit at 52 Bermondsey Street Woolyard SE1 3UD on Thursday 13 December!

Saturday, 20 October 2012

'self motivation'

A quick idea for a self motivation illustration set by lmnop studios for a risograph calendar competition. I purposefully worked in three layers and then aligned it together on the computer. It was a fun project and hopefully will keep me motivated to enjoy what I'm doing and leave the dull 'things to do' for later.

Friday, 24 August 2012


I went on a trip to see my family in Lancaster. There are lots of new animals in the mum bought some chickens and Robin bought some Ducks with his friend and built a pond. If you live in Lancaster you can buy some free range eggs from my little sister. She set up a little business for you to buy the eggs that come with a handmade box that you must return to then get refilled with more eggs!


Well I've graduated and been incredibly busy making all sorts of excuses not to draw 'oh i'm moving house' 'i've got to make some biscuits' 'i don't know where my pencil crayons are' 'i'm having a holiday' 'i need to find a job'.. well its ok because now i'm over that period so i'm updating my blog.

I did these drawings when I was in the midst of my final month at uni with a huge project thundering on my shoulders with vicious unsolved problems yet to occur. However I was actually sunbathing in Madrid with my boyfriend seeing museums and palaces and having siestas.

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Ready for business

Private View at Camberwell TOMORROW open till Saturday 23rd June.

Tuesday, 5 June 2012


Heres me talking about me but Grace introduces me so its not just me talking about me but anyway read this if you like? Mixed Special Link. 


Hi look at me I'm a tent.

Stop motion

Here are some photos of the stop motion clips in the film.

The Notorious Amours of Lady Purple

My puppet film/animation based on The Loves of Lady Purple is done! Hallelujah ! It seemed like a never ending project and my storyboard was larger then life and classed as improbable BUT I DID IT! Thats not entirely true, I didn't do it by myself I had my wonderful friends Grace, Ella, Seb, Harriette, Scott, Rosie, Robin, and my wonderful aspiring film director brother Charles working on editing my footage.
Perhaps I'll get my film on vimeo for you, or maybe I make you wait till the show! 18th June Camberwell College of Arts. Pink striped booth, follow the music box sounds.

As you might notice my puppets are tiny, these are the stop motion parts of my film which I had projected onto my puppet box screen on a OHP. The maximum size they could be was 15cm by 10cm due to the positioning of the OHP and my screen. It was incredibly difficult getting the puppets to move freely as their joins were too small for spilt pins that I had for my larger cardboard puppets so I had sewn small joins on these which annoyingly never stayed in one place. I had to use tiny pieces of white tack to keep them still for the photo. Luckily I had a remote control for the camera I was using, saved a bit of my sanity  as the camera was at the back of the room. 

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Woowser Tent in the Park

My amazing friend Rosanna Stalbow has been with me for 3 nights staying up till the early mornings with me to sew and construct this tent. > So much more work then we expected! and its still being made this is just a little tester in the park.

Friday, 25 May 2012

Painting fabric

 Measuring, masking, rulering, re-mesuring, more masking, mistakes, mending, stretching, ironing, creasing, pinning, mixing, painting, sponging, soaking, spongeing, mixing, sponging, painting, yawning, playlists, power ballards, pizza in park break, starting all over again, hanging fabric out tiny window, hanging on the bathroom curtain, starting again, BLACK OUT! break to shop at midnight to top up electricity meter, buy some ice tea to keep us masking, measuring and sponging till the early hours of tomorrow.

Monday, 21 May 2012

Mixed Special Poster

Hurray my joyous graduation dive picture got picked for one of the posters to advertise our exhibition at the Red Gallery, Shoreditch 5th July. Looking forward to take the plunge into graduate life. Look at our exhibition website which I'm posting blog posts of events and also interviews of our class mates.

Heres something to keep you posted.

 Backgrounds and puppets for my puppet theatre coming to a camberwell show near you! 18th June Camberwell College of Arts. Come!

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Fairy tale drawings

One flew over the cuckoo's nest

Here's my submission for the student penguin competition to illustrate a front cover for One flew over the cuckoo's nest. I finished reading it in February its a great book I really recommend it, its sad- yes but its also a spirit lifting book of people power and of the absurdity of rules and regulations to cure mental health - at the time. Talking to Scott about ideas helped because we didn't want to make a bleak cover of insanity and being trapped in a mental hospital. We wanted it to be light-hearted like Mcmurphy is, witty and playful and cheeky playing games with the rules.

Edible flamingo!

Don't worry its just a biscuit! Present for my birdy friend Rosie. Yum.