Thursday, 29 March 2012


dulwich picture gallery garden (so quiet i had to draw a bench cause it was the only thing around!)

people in the sunshine
sheep in lancaster
butterfly I set free out our house.

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Drawing Days

Went home for mother's day and Lily's school had a presentation at the village church so we all went. The vicar was the highlight of the service he had no teeth and looked half asleep and demonic before it started. When he got to talk he talked about his childhood it was extremely hard not to laugh out loud- "I'd walk about 3 miles to get to my school and there was no mum mafia outside the playground we were trusted to walk home ourselves - and if you were late you'd get a clip on the ear but you can't do that nowadays. And there was no sex education in our day it was all in the farm yard! "
He went on to tell us how he made guns and bow and arrows with nails on the ends whilst the mothers all looked in horror at what ideas the children might get. He did give some kind of moral he said he's got no teeth because of climbing trees and falling off one and how his teeth disintegrated his whole life because of it and now he has none so let that be a lesson to ya! "Don't let the sun go down on you"

Countryside in Bath
Nunhead cemetery
Robin leading the way whilst we ventured deeper and deeper to trespassing in the deer forest in Bath.
Spending a lot of my free time in cemeteries I think its a good for piece of mind and drawing still things and observing overgrown nature which is especially wonderful finding in London.

Monday, 19 March 2012


Reloved at Home

Made a rubber stamp for my mum's craft business reloved at home she makes lovely cushions, bags and gifts.

Friday, 9 March 2012

At the Aquarium

Sharks and crocodiles and clown fish and penguins and star fish and seahorses so many colourful fish. Me and Ella went to the London Aquarium last week because she's doing a project on sharks look at her blog for more sharks.

pastel people

Drawing people again in colour! I have missed doing this and want to do moooore and i love pastels.

DK Visual Theasaurus

Finished spreads for DK visual thesaurus project. The brief was to re-invent the thesaurus for children aged 7+ in print form and propose a idea for an app. My idea was to have a character that travels to different places to discover new words, these places are based on places we visit in everyday such as train stations, shops or special treats like the aquarium. I decided to base the characters on dinosaurs as my initial thought was to use Theo the dinoSaursus which I thought would make it fun for children to follow on adventures.

The way of finding the new words are part of the discovery, for example trying a new jar of sweets that then pours out new words and uncovers the synonyms.

Theo the dinosaurus heads to the Aquarium to look for new creatures and find new words on the way.

Theo at the sweet shop browsing and sampling new tastes to take home and savour his new vocabulary.

At the train station so many busy dinosaurs are rushing to get on the next trains departing.