Friday, 17 February 2012

Evening Standard

Here we are in the evening standard!

Occupy Music Workshop

Yesterday I was involved in a really exciting music workshop for children aged 12-18, the workshop was organised by Occupy and the space was provided by House of Fairytales HQ. The children took part in writing a song, producing , publicisingand creating the art work for its. Kate Nash lead the song writing workshop and Sam Duckworth from Get Cape Wear Cape Fly lead the production of the song, the publicising group worked with london evening standard and NME who came to do interviews and photographs. I was leading the album art workshop with artist Siobhan Malhotra where we taught the children to use lino printing for the cover.

Sam Duckworth and Jamie Kelsey leading assembly discussing ideas with everyone.
Song writing team with Kate Nash, song idea was built on teenagers telling the government they are not as bad as they think they are, they're creative, nice people who have really good ideas.
Me with the kids working on the album art work in lino cutting.
Inking up!

Viewing the finished lino prints

Ephebiphobia - fear of teenagers. Everybody at the workshop gets to take home an original lino print for the cover with the produced cd by the end of the week when all editing is finalised by Sam!

Had to ask for a photo! Kate was wearing amazingly tall heels so really she probably is my height!