Sunday, 22 November 2009

Sketchbook of London Travels


Drawings from the Bearskin fairytale story. I wanted them to be pop up somehow so I layered 3 pieces of card with drawings on them all and cut around them to show the drawing behind it and only stuck the corners together. My tutor thought that it looked too busy which I agree it did seem too much to look at at once. Also some of the drawings in the background could have been seen clearer if images were flat.

Victoria's Utopic Tropic

In relation to my collections, coloured tights, music and trees I used all of these for my inspiration for a map of "my land". I wanted to have no white space what so ever and cover it with colour and wavy lines that I got from drawing from my tights that were all tied together in a mess. I think the finished piece was over done and hard to understand, and possibly looked too clutered although that was what I was trying to produce I wasn't really happy with the outcome. But I do like these close up photos.


woolly hats
coloured threads and buttons
drawing trees
coloured tights

Postcard Against the Postal Strike

This brief set by Riita Ikonen who came in to talk to us about her work. She showed us how she had experimented with all sorts of different materials that she could use to send a postcard, keeping a A6 postcard size but with the most un predictable materials. We had just a lunch time to produce a postcard with something that was relevant to the postal strike or to just test if it would get to it's destination.
I sent mine to my boyfriend who was unwell at the time, I wrapped up the card in thread, that covered up the message at the back and felt like it was a part of me, my purple jumper that i was wearing.

Monday, 16 November 2009

September 2009 Summer Work!

Requirements. home.
I drew this on plane journey home, my reflection through the plane window and all the lights, meaning that we were almost there because I could see the city lights. Everybody else on the plane was asleep. I just couldn't wait to be home.

Hopes. For everything to be just like a fairytale story.

Requirements. Laughter and being silly.

Nationality. a typical English tourist in Paris. "Ou est le Tour Eiffel?"

Expectations. To grow old and be able to knit a whole tube seat like I imagined this old lady could.

Place of Birth. I miss Lancaster, this is me looking sad and the famous Ashton memorial at Williamson park in Lancaster. Lots of sunny and cloudy picnic days spent there.

Position in the Family. I have a whole 7 siblings, 4 sisters and 3 brothers. I chose to do russian dolls as they are never ending just like my family. I am the red sparkly one.