Monday, 16 November 2009

September 2009 Summer Work!

Requirements. home.
I drew this on plane journey home, my reflection through the plane window and all the lights, meaning that we were almost there because I could see the city lights. Everybody else on the plane was asleep. I just couldn't wait to be home.

Hopes. For everything to be just like a fairytale story.

Requirements. Laughter and being silly.

Nationality. a typical English tourist in Paris. "Ou est le Tour Eiffel?"

Expectations. To grow old and be able to knit a whole tube seat like I imagined this old lady could.

Place of Birth. I miss Lancaster, this is me looking sad and the famous Ashton memorial at Williamson park in Lancaster. Lots of sunny and cloudy picnic days spent there.

Position in the Family. I have a whole 7 siblings, 4 sisters and 3 brothers. I chose to do russian dolls as they are never ending just like my family. I am the red sparkly one.

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