Thursday, 17 March 2011

shadow puppets

mcmillian children's book storyboard

Here are my inital drawings for my children's story. Very rough quickly drawn, quite funny characters formed by this process which I can take and make them look better with more time and attention.
The story is about a brother and sister, Henry and Emily. I need to write the text but I may decide to keep it just a picture book.
So, the story:
Its bedtime and the children want to stay up and play games. They start to play shadow puppets.
Henry keeps making dinosaur shadows,
Emily makes a butterfly, and a rabbit but Henry's dinosaur eats everything up.
Emily is annoyed and tells him to stop
but the dinosaur shadow is still there.
It starts to move out the room and the children follow.
Down the stairs,
To the kitchen
where the dinosaur eats all the food.
the kids follow and hide under the table.
The dinosaur leads them to the lounge
they watch fearfully
then the dinosaur spots them and is about to eat them!
BUT emily stands up and changes the dinosaur into a bird
as it was only a shadow all along.
It flies out the room and the children are safe
now they're sleepy and fall asleep.
mum and dad find them asleep on the floor and take them to bed.