Sunday, 19 December 2010

snow fight


For our second brief at Camberwell we had to choose a fact of any kind. I couldn't really decide what to do for a while as it was very open you could do anything. We took a class visit to the Pitt Rivers Museum in Oxford and the Natural History Museum. It was very inspiring and I found myself drawing the stuffed birds and being interested in them mostly. So I researched and I found that hummingbirds are the only birds that can fly backwards and I went from there researching their species and found it really interesting how different they are to other birds.

Here is whats in the natural history museum in London, a whole case full of hummingbirds, apparently it was fashionable to have a case full of stuffed hummingbirds in the Victorian age, I'm sure it was only with the royalties not everyone


Life drawing

Its all a working progress, I've been testing out watercolours but the tutors at Princes drawing school love charcoal. My tutor helped me understand how to think of what part of the body is in front of the other, which I didn't think of at the time as I'm used to just drawing what I see but I'm trying to develop my life drawing. Next year I intend to be at the shoreditch life class every monday.

snowy christmas

Lancaster 18th December

camberwell christmas fair

Here are my christmas cards I made. Sold them all at the christmas fair, they were only 25p each or 5 for a pound. bargin! still making more for my family.

I printed some of my life drawing pictures on bright pink and orange paper and made a small zine from it for the christmas fair. Sold them for £1.50 and sold 4 out of 7 made.

Monday, 6 December 2010

Budapest 2

On the last day we did some panoramic drawings as a group in different locations then me and some new friends went to the natural history museum, applied arts museum, swimming costume shop ( to go to the outdoor baths in the evening) , got an amazing posh metro line to Hosok Tere and saw a castle by a lake and also Szepmuveszeti, the fine arts gallery, which had a Gustav Klimt exhibition on. Then walked through the park to the Szechenyi Gyogyfurdo Baths, one of the largest outdoor baths in europe! Very spectacular, photos to come. Then we met the others at a shisha bar for our last night in Budapest.

Budapest Nov 2010

23rd November - 27th November College Trip to Budapest