Tuesday, 31 May 2011

tropical fruits

Here are some watercolour/ink paintings of tropical fruits that I will use for front and back covers of a photoalbum that we will sell in our shop on 12th JUNE 65 HANBURY STREET.

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Photoalbum pears

poultry litho print

Red Cabbage

Working on prints for the shop project. I've done a two colour litho print of a red cabbage, the alignment didn't work as well as I'd hope but its been a great experiment working with lithography.

Will be selling the prints or at least have them for decoration in the shop we're doing. 12th June Hanbury Street. Put it in your diary.

Saturday, 21 May 2011

Aquatint and sugar lift etchings

I have used a new process of etching this week, using aquatint and sugar lift which acts as a type of paint mixture so its similar to my lithography as I've painted on the image and worked with texture. These two prints are for my shop group project, we are doing a food market themed shop where we are rennovating a gallery space for a day and turning into market stores selling home ware products that look like traditional market foods. I've made these prints to hang up by the stalls.
The top print is of a close up look of a green cabbage, and the red print is of salami.

A sea shore

I entered a competition at the beggining of the year for a children's book based on the north west coast and this is one of the images I entered of a sea shore. I really love this as its a very playful way of using inks and watercolour washes, textured with no line.


Here is my first lithograph print from the workshops I've been doing at camberwell. Its a really enjoyable process, takes a lot of patience and remembering all the steps but its very worth it. This is from a photo I took in Freshford countryside. I used crayon, oils and anything greasy to draw on the plate to produce this image.

Showing at Fact and Fiction 3 at the Amersham Arms New Cross in the upstairs gallery space tonight 21st May 6-9.

mcmillan childrens book competition

Monday, 16 May 2011

Volunteering at The Create Place

First day volunteering at the create place, in Bethnal Green. Its a not for profit organisation which do sewing workshops, book binding workshops and various creative goodness. Its a really inspiring place to volunteer at, and today I was given a task to illustrate instructions on how to make bunting. Heres what I produced with paper, fine liner, felt pens and assembled in microsoft word! due to lack of design programs, which still worked quite well!