Sunday, 20 February 2011

Saturday, 19 February 2011


Our publish project was to produce a publication in book format with a content and audience in mind. Our task was to print 10 copies of our publication so to work out where and how to print our book.
I chose to do my publication on Berlin, after visiting the city in January I was inspired to create a guide book. I decided to base the book on just one day in Berlin, focus on a lengthy walk that takes you around some of the best places to visit, without having to work out how to get everywhere on the u-bahn and s-bahn which was too confusing for me anyway.Lustgarten/Museum Sinsel

Zaughaus/ Historiches Museum

Bismarck Memorial in the Tiergarten

national galerie

statue on unter den Linden walk

Potsdammer Platz


Berliner Dom

Russian Embassy

Friday, 18 February 2011

Text and image workshops.

Workshop with creating images that came from words. A task we did in groups to attempt to not create a generic clip art image. We all had to use black ink and the same size brush. With a list of words to draw from, here are some of my drawings.




wax/oil I can't quite remember


Workshop with image and text we did as a class in november. We used cut outs or rubber/ stamps/ stencils to make a image using text.I cut out words from a mixture of articles about sleep and dreaming and chose words that related in my head to allign underneath or to the side of the word. A bit of fun cutting and sticking workshop.

Final images for Fact project

the heart rate and speed of a hummingbird is so fast
this is what you'd see if you ever got a chance to see one
in real life.
a blur of colours.
hummingbird beaks come in all different sizes

hummingbird ancestors

colours and wings of hummingbirds

monoprint tests

Thursday, 17 February 2011

November Sketchbook

Sketchbook work for my hummingbird fact project, including a trip to the oxford natural history museum, museum of everything, and train journeys to Bath in between.

Giant Crab.
Oxford Natural History Museum.

museum of everything

sketches from hummingbird for beginners book.
my cycle directions to cartoon museum

lambeth roundabout was at a stand still when a helicopter landed in the middle. All the buses stopped and everyone gathered round to wait for the helicopter to fly off. Especially amazing as I was on my way to the war museum to draw helicopters and airplanes.

freckles of a hummingbird



Martha did say she felt a bit squiffy.

First Class

Christmas present?