Saturday, 19 February 2011


Our publish project was to produce a publication in book format with a content and audience in mind. Our task was to print 10 copies of our publication so to work out where and how to print our book.
I chose to do my publication on Berlin, after visiting the city in January I was inspired to create a guide book. I decided to base the book on just one day in Berlin, focus on a lengthy walk that takes you around some of the best places to visit, without having to work out how to get everywhere on the u-bahn and s-bahn which was too confusing for me anyway.Lustgarten/Museum Sinsel

Zaughaus/ Historiches Museum

Bismarck Memorial in the Tiergarten

national galerie

statue on unter den Linden walk

Potsdammer Platz


Berliner Dom

Russian Embassy

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  1. Oh my goodness Vicky I love love love this!! Brilliant xxx