Thursday, 24 September 2009

"Wild boys" by Sandrine Pelletier.

The way this artist has used thread, embroidery and materials to create these illustrations,
using soft colours and delicate lace to create these "wild boys". I really love this style and using textiles in illustrations.

Friday, 18 September 2009

Tad Lauritzen Wright "Road Trip".

I want to own a campervan like this one day.

The mixture of doodles, colours, and materials that build up this background for the campervan I find really fun and imaginative.

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

David Metaxas Rumplestiltskin

This summer I visited a exhibition "Enchanted worlds: Art of fairy stories and mermaid tales" at Preston Harris museum. The rooms were divided into different sections for a different fairy tale story. I found this piece by david metaxas, rumplestiltskin really fasinating how he used sculpture and the gold thread as a medium to bring the story to life.

Alfred Hitchcock movies

Recently purchased alfred hitchcock box set of his films, and trying to watch them when possible, I really enjoy the costumes and stage set up of these old fashioned films.

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

J.W.Waterhouse "Psyche opening the golden box"

I visited the The Modern Pre-Raphaelite exhibition at the royal academy this summer, this painting i found most appealing. The beautiful girl who couldn't resist to peak inside this sacred golden box. I really like the idea and the mystery of it.

Eija Liisa Ahtila

I love the setting and scene of this piece how she looks like shes flying with ease through the forest.

Jason Thielke "kim and Jesse"

I think the way this artist has used line and geometric shapes to create this image shows a really interesting style. Also how they're created on wood with mixed media.

Nicoletta Ceccoli

I found this artist in a book art shop in Paris. This french artist has a beautiful collection of illustrations and I find them all really fasinating. They all have a magical feel, but with a subtle sinister approach which makes them fantastic.

Dave Mckean "moths"

This fanasty approach is noticable in all Dave Mckean's work which I admire. Alot of his work can be quite disturbing but I find this one a "lighter" approach to his art. Yet also with that inauspicious feel.

Little Red Riding Hood by Jessie Wilcox-Smith.

Traditional fairy tales, like Little Red Riding Hood I still find exciting. As for children the illustrations are the most important part of the story, how it makes them come alive as the story is being told.