Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Drawing Days

Went home for mother's day and Lily's school had a presentation at the village church so we all went. The vicar was the highlight of the service he had no teeth and looked half asleep and demonic before it started. When he got to talk he talked about his childhood it was extremely hard not to laugh out loud- "I'd walk about 3 miles to get to my school and there was no mum mafia outside the playground we were trusted to walk home ourselves - and if you were late you'd get a clip on the ear but you can't do that nowadays. And there was no sex education in our day it was all in the farm yard! "
He went on to tell us how he made guns and bow and arrows with nails on the ends whilst the mothers all looked in horror at what ideas the children might get. He did give some kind of moral he said he's got no teeth because of climbing trees and falling off one and how his teeth disintegrated his whole life because of it and now he has none so let that be a lesson to ya! "Don't let the sun go down on you"

Countryside in Bath
Nunhead cemetery
Robin leading the way whilst we ventured deeper and deeper to trespassing in the deer forest in Bath.
Spending a lot of my free time in cemeteries I think its a good for piece of mind and drawing still things and observing overgrown nature which is especially wonderful finding in London.

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