Tuesday, 5 June 2012

The Notorious Amours of Lady Purple

My puppet film/animation based on The Loves of Lady Purple is done! Hallelujah ! It seemed like a never ending project and my storyboard was larger then life and classed as improbable BUT I DID IT! Thats not entirely true, I didn't do it by myself I had my wonderful friends Grace, Ella, Seb, Harriette, Scott, Rosie, Robin, and my wonderful aspiring film director brother Charles working on editing my footage.
Perhaps I'll get my film on vimeo for you, or maybe I make you wait till the show! 18th June Camberwell College of Arts. Pink striped booth, follow the music box sounds.

As you might notice my puppets are tiny, these are the stop motion parts of my film which I had projected onto my puppet box screen on a OHP. The maximum size they could be was 15cm by 10cm due to the positioning of the OHP and my screen. It was incredibly difficult getting the puppets to move freely as their joins were too small for spilt pins that I had for my larger cardboard puppets so I had sewn small joins on these which annoyingly never stayed in one place. I had to use tiny pieces of white tack to keep them still for the photo. Luckily I had a remote control for the camera I was using, saved a bit of my sanity  as the camera was at the back of the room. 


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