Sunday, 24 January 2010

Object -Chair

I found out that because it used to smell so bad in the underground when it first started in 1900's, due to the fact people were allowed to smoke in the underground. So for the train driver's to withstand the smell they were allowed to grow really long beards.
This was the man who first had the idea for the underground railway. Very clever man. Nobody at first believed him that it would be a good idea, but he kept pursuing it.

Our breif was to find out about a chair of our choice, think who sits on it, the history, making, and uses of this specific chair. As I had enjoyed drawing from life so much I wanted to draw people as much as I had the week before on the drawing trip. So my chair I chose was the London underground tube seat. so to start the brief I went from train to train and drew mostly line drawings of anybody travelling on the tube. I had to be quite quick with my drawings because people can quickly realise you're drawing them and get suspicious. This was really fun for me and I produced lots of drawings.

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