Friday, 22 January 2010

London Drawing Week

November 2009. My course had a drawing trip to New York, I was slightly lacking funds to go, but I had a amazing week in London. Tutors that had stayed at college had organised various places for us to go and draw from. It was one of the first chances that we have had to go out and draw during college time and not be in the studio with so much going on. It was a relaxing yet I found myself doing the most work so far because I enjoyed it so much.
What I got from the brief was to basically 'draw London'. On the first day you were to go to a location chosen by yourself. So luckily my friends Megan and Alice in 2nd year were doing a project on animals. So we went to London Zoo! It was cold and rainy but there were enough animals out for us to draw. It was challenging to draw the animals because they never stood still, so I attempted to draw them moving, which I think gave my drawings real freedom.

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