Sunday, 6 November 2011


Last weekend I helped out for The House Of Fairytales with their halloween activity based event at the Whitechapel gallery. A few of us from camberwell volunteered to help runactivities and my role was to help children make gloop! A very sticky un sticky flubber like material that stretches and wobbles and looks gross.

All of us volunteers had to dress up in boiler suits and wear coloured furry beards as we were 'Art'cheologists from the 16th dimension that look for those very particular 'metaphysical tunnels' to transport us through dimensions and time that are found in art works.

The gloop is a physical substance to describe these metaphysical tunnels and to acheive the art of gloop is two substances one gluey and one not so gluey and the only way for them to combine is to get your hands messy.

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